Axa travel insurance policy

So I’ve signed up for monzo plus and took out the travel insurance, the problem is I still
Haven’t received any policy documents, absolutely nothing, I’ve spoken to various people on the online chat, but all I keep getting is well follow it up and get back to you.

Has anyone else had this problem? I go away Tuesday and it’s the main reason I joined monzo plus! But it’s looking like a complete waste of time!

Surely it can’t be that hard to get hold of my policy documents can it?

I’ve been told that my policy is active by a chat person… but that’s as far as it’s got

Hopefully these help:

Travel insurance terms with info on how to claim etc:

Standard insurance product information sheet

Having an active policy in name only won’t be helpful in a Spanish hospital when you have to prove you can afford to pay for the broken leg. The fact Monzo can’t provide the details when it isn’t an emergency is worrying. Does Monzo provide a policy number and AXA’s contact details?


Thanks I have found these already, but i don’t think that would help me if I’m laying in hospital in Thailand :joy:… I just don’t understand how it’s taken nearly 2 weeks for them to provide me with this information.

I just called Axa and they’ve told me … that I have to speak with monzo for my details, it just doesn’t make sense to me?

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What is it that’s missing that’s not in that terms and conditions document?

My policy information. I’m guessing I at least need a policy number and proof that I’m insured with my details on the page…if I did end up in hospital and axa can’t even help me out because it’s got to come from monzo, what hope is there!.. I can’t just say oh yeah don’t worry about the money I’m covered, surely I need to provide evidence of this?

I haven’t even received a document all I’ve had is what you posted up

@glasgow I would assume you need a policy number and AXA’s emergency call centre details.

Curve forced me, through Black legacy, into free travel insurance (the pain I know :sweat_smile:) and that is what they provide.


Yes I get what you mean now there is nothing that I’m Monzos interface of documents that specifically proves you have this insurance.

This is a bit of an oversight and a bit worrying that Monzo seem unable to produce proof for you :confused:

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Looking at other banks travel insurance it all looks pretty similar. They all say take your policy document (the terms and conditions) along with the policy number (usually your bank account number) and the phone number to claim/get advice from

I find that crazy, surely it would be so much easier for everybody if I could just print a bit of paper out with all the relevant information required, because if I have an accident and can’t communicate for whatever reason? I’ve never made a claim so I guess I don’t fully understand how it all works but to me it’s just all a bit odd.

Isn’t it like car insurance, you get your policy document and that’s that… nice and simple, why’s this got to be such a ball ache

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Even if the policy number is your bank number that’s still a policy number. Monzo should have made this clear when signed up. And I agree with the documents. You should really receive physical documents or policy documents you can print out with all the relevant policy information.

Providing this information shouldn’t be hard, especially considering your a paying customer.

I think people here can only advise the usual, keep asking on chat, keep trying to phone them, call them out publicly here and on twitter etc. (This can be effective in shaming a company into taking action).

Alternatively cancel and get your money back and get insurance elsewhere.


This is in the terms. You just need clarification whether your bank account number is your customer reference number. Keep pestering, as @Eden states.


Thanks for all your input, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s thinking the same thing about it though.

Well hopefully they can sort this out for me! I just want to be able to print a something it can’t be that difficult between monzo and Axa

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Guys… any details when I will be able to add travel insurance ?

At the moment it’s only available when you sign up, it can’t be added after

:frowning: I know… I joined plus last month

Is there any info on whether the AXA travel insurance covers the whole family?

You can read the terms for what is and isn’t covered. It’s not family cover.

Just got this info from customer support: “Good morning Karsten :wave:
Travel insurance by AXA is a multi-trip policy which covers yourself and your family. You’re covered for any trip that is less than 45 days, but please note that pre-existing conditions are not covered. …”