[monzo.com] Knowledge Base Bug - AXA


Trying to find the policy information for Monzo Plus Travel Insurance…

Found this: https://monzo.com/help/monzo-plus/axa-travel-insurance-cover

However, it says “tap below for the full list” however there isnt a button to tap to download it and I cant find it anywhere else…


Hi Dan,

I’m not able to tap below either, however I have found the link for the full document. See below:

Also this might help:


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Thanks so much!!

I can’t see it but does anyone know if this covers Trekking 2000m - 6000m (Kilimanjaro)

Edit: Hmmm I found Trekking (up to 4000 metres without use of climbing equipment) maybe I should ask in app chat for clarification and if they can cover me up to 6000m

Try to ask in the app. You might need to contact Axa directly with your insurance number , as they would know the small prints of your insurance. :blush: