Automated top-ups

(Steve) #1

More of a help request than a bug report, I’m wondering whether anyone has experience of automating top-ups for their Monzo card.

Are there any services, browser integrations of Python scripts out there to top-up my Monzo based on a provided value? For example, I can call a value and append that to my URL and pre-fill the card details for my current account, but filling in 3D Secure is presenting an issue.

If anyone knows of any existing automations (or alternatives), I’d love to hear about them!

(Marta) #2

Hi Steve,
I might burst your developer bubble, but it’s actually simpler than that. :smiley:

You can top up Monzo via bank transfer using details provided by @simonb (click arrow in right corner to see with nicer formatting):

You setup standing order from your bank and done. Bank transfers SHOULD be automated by now if 9-digit user code is provided, so it should be quite painless process to automate top-ups, if you plan to top-up by same amount regularly.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

This is a a pretty comprehensive list of Monzo apps from developers & I don’t see anything like that on there unfortunately.

It’s no big deal but if you could find a way to automate the top ups so that they came from your current account, it would save Monzo some money :slight_smile: Teller might be able to help you there?

(Steve) #4

Thanks, @Avishai, but I’m looking to top up by differing amounts.

(Steve) #5

Thanks, @alexs! Unfortunately Teller don’t support my bank, I’ve tried that avenue already.

I think it might be possible if I switch my current account to Starling and set up my Monzo card as a payee, their API has POST calls for local payments.


With a Starling account, would be able to achieve this? I’m not really sure the state of their API.

I wonder if Monzo / Starling have anything in place to stop an infinite loop between the two banks :open_mouth:

(Steve) #7

I don’t think it’s available with personal tokens, you have to develop a full app to reach Tier 5 where payments are granted. Going to have to put this project on hold briefly!