Quick top-up or Top-up button

Today, when I want to top-up my account I have to go into my current account app (I’m not ready to use Monzo as my current account) and transfer some money to Monzo.

It would be good to be able to put my current account info into Monzo (debit card details?) and be able to have a ‘quick top-up’ button/feature in the Monzo app to transfer a fixed amount (say, £50) into my Monzo account when I see I’m getting low. The amount should be configurable by the user in a setting somewhere.

Hi @Wibbly,

When did you join Monzo? This is already a feature for customers who signed before the 8th of June I believe?

Topping up in this way costs Monzo a lot of money and so it appears it was removed for new signups recently. The reason it costs them so much is that it works in the same way as a normal card purchase.

Monzo are trying to get people to use bank transfers as it allows them to save money and invest it in making the product better overall :slight_smile:

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Monzo is actively discouraging people from topping up by debit card as it costs them so much. Try and use bank transfer instead


Interesting if this is the case, and totally understandable. I’ll just need to ensure I don’t give friends who sign-up false info. Every time I add money with my debit card I feel guilty — since going #fullmonzo it hasn’t happened and doubt it will.

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Thanks for the replies, I understand the lay of the land on this now :slight_smile:

At least a notification or when my account is below a certain threshold would be good. Or include the balance in the existing transaction notifications! I have added this request on a different thread.

The alternative option until you’re ready to go #FullMonzo is to setup a standing order to transfer a set amount into your Monzo account from your old bank each week or month. Just saves you doing it manually.

setting up a standing order is just as easy as doing a bank transfer, you just add how often you’d like it to re occur. :slight_smile:

Agreed, but it’s not regular in my case (time or ££). One of my use cases for Monzo is to have it as a card with a low balance on it as one defense/barrier to fraud esp for transactions to Chinese companies etc where there’s more uncertainly what may happen to your card details…

Hi @Wibbly!

I’ve just been reading this thread and another option could be to hold the majority of your funds in pots. This can’t be spent unless transferred to the main account, and it’s easy to move in about. May be an avenue worth exploring?