Function to "request money" from my bank account at another bank

I’d really love a function where Monzo could setup a direct debit from my bank account at another bank such that I could “request” a top up of my Monzo account from another bank.

Do you mean a standing order?


The thing with direct debits is that it’ll take a few days to come through, which isn’t really that practicable.

Under open banking, organisations will be able to register as Payment Initiation Service Providers (or PISPs) though. PISPs will then be able to do what you say - effectively draw money from one account to another. If Monzo were to become a PISP this would be possible.

Having said all that, though, I’m not sure this will be on Monzo’s roadmap any time soon. I think they’re focused on more people using Monzo as their main account, rather than one that gets topped up, to be honest. That said, never say never!


If more manual than a regular payment (Standing Order) send yourself a link when you need to top-up? You could also put the link into a repeating calendar entry, if you use a digital calendar, and it will remind you to top-up at pre-determined intervals. This could also be done as a repeating reminder using your clock/alarm app or even an Assistant (Google/Alexa/Cortana)

Wow - thanks for all the feedback - this is a cool community! Thanks for all the feedback!

I understand that Monzo would like me to move over altogether, but I cannot ditch my old bank account (for a number of reasons). That said, I’d like to put a lot of my day to day spend through Monzo. might be a decent halfway house, but it might be a bit more manual than I was hoping …

What I was thinking, was something that allowed me to keep my Monzo account topped up automatically. e.g. I could set up a rule to say that if balance dropped below £250 then top up by £100. If direct debit was not practical, then perhaps they could auto pull in money from a debit card perhaps?


Why don’t you just work out how much money you’ll have left over for spending in your other account and set up a standing order every month to send the money over?

When Monzo was a prepaid card they had top ups from debit cards. Unfortunately it cost them a lot of money, so they stopped it.

It seems to me that this just won’t be a priority in the foreseeable future, I’m afraid. That’ll leave you with standing orders or sending your money from your other bank account as and when. :pensive:

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Thanks - I guess that makes sense.

I can use the with my debit card, which will work too. (just tried it, and it helpfully uses google pay too, where I have my other debit card, so it is quick - just a bookmarked link and a single click to top up :slight_smile: )


Don’t forget to keep in mind the limits that are imposed on :slight_smile:

Why not just run everything from your monzo account

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What are the reasons?

An offset mortgage linked to my current bank account …



You can’t really have a request money feature that would instantly take the money that would be a security nightmare, imagine if someone somehow got into your Monzo account and then requested and got the money from your other bank account.

Best way would be to have a standing order either monthly or weekly if the money you are 100% sure you could live without being in your main account.

My stepdad has kept his nationwide account for the mortgage reason but he just has the mortgage and the sky bill come out of that account then everything else gets sent to Monzo in a standing order.

This might be more difficult if your monthly salary is different every month but that’s probably the best way