Auto transfer between accounts

I have a joint and a personal account. I standing order money weekly into the joint account for shopping. Sometimes/frequently I don’t have enough in the joint account for my GF to pay at the till and she obviously doesn’t have my personal card (I’m not stupid :grimacing:).

Is there any way of a pop up saying eg “Your xxxxx account has insufficient funds, do you wish to transfer funds from your xxxxxx account to cover this transaction”? This would be between Monzo accounts held by the same person and save that embarrassing fishing around for a different card at the check out moment we all hate…


Can’t she keep some money on her personal Monzo, and then just whip out her phone at the checkout and credit the account, and retry the transaction? Does everything have to go through you?


Authorisation at the terminal/POS has to occur within strict m/s limits. There is simply no way that Monzo could poll you in this manner, because before you’d even grabbed your phone the transaction would have timed-out.

If this situation happens frequently I would suggest the process you have in place is not working.


She has a personal Monzo but doesn’t really use it. She does have my Lloyds account on her phone and did have the option to transfer to Monzo in app, but since that has been discontinued, that isn’t a viable option. She can’t have access to my Lloyds current account app. I transfer by standing order weekly but sometimes she overshops…

@tbutz, I appreciate the time limit at the terminal. I was thinking along the lines of when the notification comes through on your phone that the payment was declined due to insufficient funds, there be an option within that notification to open the app into an option that immediately, without hassle or fanfare, offers you the option of transferring sufficient funds to complete the transaction. It would be secured in the same way as the regular access to Monzo, so there shouldn’t be security issues and it would be from one of your Monzo accounts. You’d then put your card back in the POS and voilà, transactions completed without any awkwardness.

Obviously she can’t transfer funds from my Monzo as it is locked to my phone, but I get a notification immediately on my phone when the joint account is used. Clearly if I don’t see the notification and act then there’s nothing you can do unless there was some auto top up function that could be turned on, similar to the OysterCard auto top up.

Doesn’t strike me as an overly complex thing as it is effectively just an extension of the funds transfer facility, but linked into the insufficient funds notification.

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