Monzo took money from other personal account, when transaction made only on one


I’m not sure if this has happened before, it seems to definitely be a bug - my wife made a transaction (thankfully only for small amount!) by transferring from our joint account to her personal account, and then making the purchase form her personal account to the merchant…but it also took the same amount from my personal account. I have no account nor does the merchant have my personal account details for to request the payment so the bug is solely a Monzo bug.

Tried the self help and all the articles on here, found nothing of this issue and the self help just wants me to report fraud (which it isn’t) or question the transaction (unhelpfully Monzo is enforcing an 8 day wait before dropping it back into my account)

anyone else have this issue?

So person A makes a purchase (online?). And the transaction appears in the transaction feed of person A and person B?

I don’t doubt that it happened. But it should be impossible.

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Yeah as above :point_up: Your joint account and personal account have different card/account numbers so I can’t see how it is possible.

That would be akin to me paying with my AMEX card and it coming out of my Natwest account :confused:


Spot on buddy, the only things recently that has happened is:

setup joint account and i did a full switch to my pre-existing monzo from my old bank
Wife transfers money from Joint account to her personal Monzo account
Wife made transaction online and see’s the amount leave her personal account
I get notification on my device/account and straight away I can also see the transaction but its leaving my account?

I even doubted it and did a full bank summary export and to check running balance and it reflects the money left there also.

Queried the transaction via tapping it > “Something wrong?” and i’m getting one message i have to wait 8 days for automatic refund if merchant doesn’t take (which will happen) but its concerning this happened in the first place, what if it was for a large amount?

Yup, exactly, doesn’t make sense does it? It’s definitely a Monzo bug ( I say this because i’ve never shopped with the merchant she purchased from)

This is very strange!

Have they definitely charged your wifes card? She didn’t accidentally auto-fill with your card details or something?


Yeah definitely charged both our personal accounts, and she doesn’t have my card details stored on her device.

I did at first think this also but checking the transaction it was definitely her own card she used.

This is one of those topics where I hope you come come back and update us once you’ve got to the bottom of it. :crossed_fingers:

Very strange indeed :exploding_head:


And it’s both your Monzo accounts? Yours and hers personal ones and the money came from the Monzo joint account?

And you’ve definitely never ordered from the merchant before?

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Start an in app chat

Search for ‘contact us’ in the help section

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Yup spot on, she transferred from joint account to hers and made the transaction using her account but and all is fine there, but i now also have the money ring-fenced from my account :confused:

never shopped with them from my account or the joint account before - only her personal

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No option to start a chat here buddy
Search for [“Contact us”,“Contacting Support”] gives only these options:

Monzo’s US subsidary and GDPR
Talking to us about your accessibility needs
Leave us a review!
Changing your personal details
Talking to us about an addiction

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There is a contacting support help article. It popped up for me just typing contacting

You could follow the steps for unrecognised transaction, which ends up with the reporting fraud link. But that’s probably the best step

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Yeah, but then i don’t want to report it as fraud because technically it isn’t?

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I’d say that it is because you didn’t authorise the payment from your account.


Go to help, type coronavirus, select ‘what to do if you’ve been affected by coronavirus’ scroll down to the loans section, then tap ‘get in touch’.

Works every time. As does ‘Monzo stole my money.’

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I was literally just refunded for the transaction, but still reported it as fraud there to get the chat going and its been passed to payments team as they say it’s confusing why it happened. Should get response in 8-ish hours and hopefully update you all :slight_smile:


I would definitely say it’s fraud!

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Appreciate all your help on this thread - you guys were awesome.

Very disappointed in Monzo support - genuinely.

Chatted with fraud team who passed it to payments team.

Payments team blocked my card (not really neccessary since i’m telling them its not fraud in the sense that an unknown merchant just took money, it’s obviously a bug) then went on to tell me that my wife’s auto-fill must have been the issue because my details were definitely used.

As a Test engineer for software products (with experience working as a manager in a large UK bank in a previous life for my sins) I can confirm 100%, it was not auto-fill, I checked myself and my details are not stored on her browser or the site so it just simply isn’t possible.

ended up having to kill the chat and re-open it to get someone else, asking them to unblock my card which they have done.

I’m lost for words on how that went down, considering

Will keep the thread in case someone else has the same issue, pray it doesn’t happen again - but definitely taking screenshots/evidence next time :laughing: :bulb:

Marking this as solution to indicate end to the matter, but there wasn’t really a solution to this - just me saying unblock my card i’ll take screenshots next time to prove it to you.


Personally I think Monzo are “right” in that it’s come from another way and not them.

Auto-fill, merchant, Russian spies, I’m not sure, but then it does seem like a big coincidence that you’re both Monzo users and it happened. But this is a huge huge security risk and they’ve not even handled the problem very well once reported.

The auto-fill part doesn’t make sense as your wife was charged too :man_shrugging: