Authentication Methods: 2FA/existing methods


  • Are there any projects underway regarding 2FA? Mainly for logging to a new device and approving large transactions.

  • Additionally, will a more secure pin be made available? 4 digits can be quite easy to hack so would it be possible to increase the number of digits or provide an alternate method like ‘Patterns’?


  • At the moment they have (think its called 3D secure or something, someone please correct me :rofl:) something in place where if the merchant’s website/app uses it then it’ll require a text message with a code to complete the transaction.

  • Does your phone have biometrics of some sort ? Because that would work well for unlocking your app instead of passcode base (personal experience/preference). A 6 digit code could be an option but pattern based systems are just :face_vomiting: (again personal opinion :rofl:)


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On Android phones with fingerprint readers, enabling “Use fingerprint for authentication” in settings ensures that your fingerprint is needed for every manual transfer. In fact, I recall it is also needed to set up an auto/repeating payment too.

I use this and am happy with the extra security it provides.

Not 100% sure if iOS is the same.


iOS has the same feature for authentication when doing in app transfers to other people :+1:t2:


Thanks all!

I use Face ID in terms of biometrics (fingerprint scanners are so much better IMO); totally forgot about the 3D secure - which does mostly prevent the hacking risk I envisioned.

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The biggest problem with pattern-based systems is that, unless you clean your phone screen after each time you swipe a pattern, it’s possible to work out the pattern from the grease trail left on the screen by your finger.