Passcode vs fingerprint - Barclays insecure methods

I have banked with Barclays for a long time.

The app has fingerprint access.
But doesn’t it seem so odd that every now and then you need to type in your 5 digit passcode for ‘security reasons’?
Also when using the mobile pinentry it asks you to log in with your passcode and not fingerprint.

Surely the fingerprint access is far more secure than using a 5 digit passcode?? Is it just me or is the security process backward?

Also, Barclaycard app does not yet have fingerprint access. I believe it is the only one remaining. A bit behind on their development.

I am very confused - What is the issue - might need a reword

I think @yonny24 is referring to the Barclays app having fingerprint access whereas the Barclaycard app does not have fingerprint access.


My Barclaycard app has FaceID access as well has having my barclaycard showing in my Barclays mobile banking app

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Sorry for the confusion.

1st point - Seems odd that Barclays app asks for the 5 digit passcode every now and then for security reasons. Also when using the mobile pinentry method you need to sign into the app with the 5 digit passcode as it won’t allow you to use the pinentry using the fingerprint. For example if you are setting up a new payee on your laptop it will ask you to open the pinentry on your mobile for the 8 digits entries. But only if you access the app with the passcode.
Just seems very odd that they consider a 5 digit number more secure than a unique fingerprint!. (are we living in the world of mafia where they cut fingers off to access digital readers? lol)

2nd - barclaycard app still behind in development as they have not impemented fnigerprint access yet. I’ve contacted them several times sending feedback but not response from them.

Does your Barclaycard app have the fingerprint access too? How did you enable the FaceID access? Can’t see an option in the settings.

My phone is iPhone X so doesn’t have Touch ID but here is the settings on my app

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ah maybe they have it available only for iphones at the moment.
Maybe someone else with an android here will chime in soon.

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I was starting to think u might be on Android I know from the Barclays testing group I’m in that they only enable certain features for certain makes of phone due to security concerns

  1. Presumable if someone cut off your finger they could access your account forever if they didn’t, now and then, prompt for a PIN? (I dunno!).

  2. Barclaycard, on my iPhone, has FaceID. Guess that’s easier to implement.

  3. does Barclays have a forum? :wink:

Maybe Honor/Huawei are now on their blacklist :rofl:

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Maybe it’s to make sure you remember it?


PINs can actually be more secure than your fingerprint. Its very likely that Barclays have decided a level of risk they are happy with, in this case you are able to use the more vulnerable to theft fingerprint, but it requires periodic confirmation that you actually are you via a PIN that’s something you remember. Unlike a fingerprint, the PIN is in your head and cant be as easily stolen.

Yes actually. Though these days they don’t need to cut off your finger, they just need a photograph from a distance. This was demonstrated (again) a few years back when the CCC cloned the thumb print of the German Defence Minister by taking photographs of their hand at a press conference.

Your other issues are likely Android app related. As theres no PIN confirmation for PINSentry if your already authenticated in iOS.

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It’s more than likely this.

People get too reliant on using biometrics and forget the passcode - the thing that can bypass the fingerprint/face.