Fingerprint trouble again

When I switch on fingerprint security it reverts to no security every time I log out and in again.

This is particularly a problem at the moment because the app is not recognising my fingerprint most of the time. I think this is to do with too short a time interval for my finger to settle.

To reproduce: Set fingerprint to unlock, log out, log in => no fingerprint security.

There is talk elsewhere that the app requires a PIN if fingerprint recognition is turned off. I do not see this happening, it just opens.

OS: Android:7.0
Huawei P10
App Version: 9.21.0

How often do you log out? There is no need to do so as a standard action when closing the app.

Logging out resets your app settings back to default, which for security settings is no authentication on opening the app and pin authentication for things within the app such as sending money to another person.


It also stops you getting push notifications for card transactions

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I voted for this only because the setting seems to disable it-self after an update every now and then. I have reported it to Monzo.

I still got them after logging out once

This hasn’t been reported in a long while, I believe it has now been resolved. I certainly haven’t had it happen to me and my app updates more frequently because I’m a beta tester.

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I am not a new user and much of the time this seems to have behaved properly. I had the “switching security off” issue back last August and it appeared to be fixed, but has now reverted.

I log out as seldom as possible, but because the fingerprint recognition is now frequently failing with a “moved too quickly” message even when I’m really really careful (I don’t get this from other apps), if I do it a few times then I am effectively logged out. It is becoming a pain.

I don’t know how the API to the fingerprint reader works, but I’m wondering whether there is a sensitivity parameter that has changed and now is set wrong for my phone.

If there was a PIN alternative then I would use that.

Resetting back to default after logging out is bad practice. I thought that had been stopped after I raised it last year. If occasionally due to an upgrade a reset is needed then it should be a one off and properly flagged. The stealth removal of security really shouldn’t be happening.

I thought it was resolved last August, but it’s certainly happened a lot with me recently.

This has been happening for me too. Also been randomly logging me out. Think linked.

Strangely it’s been behaving better recently. Maybe I’ve just been hyper-careful with my finger movement! My other fingerprint apps still all work fine.