💳 Auth Hold

Does anyone at :mondo: know how long before a card auth hold is dropped? I’ve had a £1 auth sitting on my card from Monday. I was under the impression it was up to the financial provider to drop the hold?

It seems to be 8 calendar days.

I think it’s not a specific length of time. I authorised my card with iTunes on the 6th of June and they took £1.58 and today on the 17th of June I have got a refund.

The max is 10 days – I can’t remember off the top of my head if that’s working days or not :slight_smile:

You can ask for an immediate refund through the in app chat, and :mondo: would sort it out for you. :slight_smile:

Cheers! I’ll let it fall off since it’s only £1! Just surprised it’s not fallen off yet!

Is it possible for Mondo to setup some sort of workflow to automatically refund the transaction within the hour or so?

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Don’t think it is as simple as that. Card checks can be done without taking any money or they can be instantly reversed it depends on how sophisticate the merchants set up is. Then there is the problem of things like auth holds for hotels etc which allow you to charge back to the room, these need to stay on for the duration of the stay