Delayed deposit return

Used Monzo card to secure hotel room. As expected 100 dollar charge appeared immediately. On departure hotel (Delta Marriott in Calgary)said they had refunded yet has yet to appear on statement 4 days later .Anyone else experienced this?

It can take up to seven days, as it has to be processed through the MasterCard network. If it’s not appeared after 7 days, message Monzo through the app. Click the transaction, and at the bottom there’s an option to contact them if you think something is wrong.

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Was the original 100 dollar charge cleared or did it stay as pending?

$100 was charged to my card . I read another entry where it says it can take up to 30 days to be refunded. Looks like I will just have to wait. For future reference don’t used Monza card to secure room

Do other cards refund it quicker?

This is a typical problem with hotels who assume that everything is a credit card. :grimacing:

What should happen is that when a hold is released, we get a message through the Mastercard network and we will immediately release the hold.

However, many hotels (particularly in the US) don’t do this and instead leave the authorization to expire.

This typically happens 7–8 days after the authorization was accepted by us. However, if the hotel submitted it as a pre-authorization, we have to hold it for 30 days by Mastercard rules.

If you have some form of written confirmation that the hold should be released, please submit it to support via. in-app chat, they can help!


If you use a credit card for such transactions, you’ll never see actual charge on the card. So never use a debit card for booking anything.

For exactly that reason, I usually use a normal credit card for check in and at check out request to pay the balance with my Monzo card…