Pre-auth £1.xx transactions

(William Lannen) #1

I’ve been using Mondo now for a few weeks and am loving it so far. However one issue I do have is with the amount of £1.xx pre-auth type transactions in my feed. I have almost as many of these as normal transactions so it is quite messy. Obviously they do get reversed around 10 days later, but this actually then creates even more transactions in my feed.

Are there any plans to change this behaviour? One thing I don’t understand is how you never see these on a normal card, as presumably the reversal doesn’t happen so soon that it cancels out the original transaction (i.e. ~2 days for a transaction to appear vs ~10 days for the reversal). Are they simply hiding these?

(Andrew Ross) #2

I believe this is in the pipeline. There’s been more discussion about it here:

(Hugh) #3

I heard from another organisation in the payment space that best practice now is a “zero auth” - an auth-only transaction with no value. We - as a payment processor - use a 1p auth, but we’ve been told that this can “look dodgy.”

In any case - I’d love to be able to see all the transactions on my account that are pending auth. I get it on my Barclaycard on one screen, but then they vanish on another - very frustrating. The only way you could tell if they are pre-auth is probably by value, until £0.00 authorisations become widely supported and implemented. So my best guess would be that you’ll see a feature that enables you to filter pending transactions by amount with a configurable ceiling. Perhaps those then would be aggregated into a “presumed pre-auth” row.