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I have current account but atms near me still think the atm is a prepaid card displaying amount to spend rather than available balance with the exception for Santander and note machine

Can you clarify what you mean by “Amount to spend”?

I don’t think there’s a difference in meaning, it’s probably just how that ATM displays it for Mastercard.

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When I asked for a balance it just displayed amount to spend then the balance my account lloyds account says account balance and avialble balance

This is probably a difference between Mastercard and LINK.


account balance and available balance can also differ as available balance is cleared account balance (not ledger balance) plus any overdraft facility

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Absolutely, I just meant the difference in what is displayed is likely Mastercard vs LINK, not something related to the ATM ‘thinking it is prepaid’.

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Thank you for your replies also and can you get cashback on my debit card tried it in asda said it not supported

Monzo does not technically have a traditional concept of differing account balance and available balance.

We only send ATMs the available balance you see in the app over the Mastercard network. This is likely why the ATM is displaying a different screen than it would for a traditional bank.

Could you clarify what you mean by the ATM thinking it’s a prepaid card though? Is it just displaying a “your issuer may charge you” message and a single account balance or does it actually say prepaid card anywhere? The former is fine but if it’s the latter, we would love to investigate! :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, so can Mastercard support the two different balances then? I can’t recall ever seeing anything other than available balance when using my US-issued Debit Mastercard here… but I also haven’t looked too closely!

The Monzo card allows purchase with cashback transactions, but remember the shop also has to support this. Asda probably doesn’t support it, at least not on Debit Mastercard.

Hi yes I get just a single balance however nationwide atm won’t entertain my card just spits it out before my pin

Does the ATM appear on the Mastercard ATM Locator?

Remember, not all ATMs support all networks.

I have previously used a yorkshire bank with debit mastcard and in asda for cash back

Interesting, I think it should work then. I’m quite tempted to trek down to an Asda to try it, there’s none anywhere near me unfortunately.

Yes just says card not recognised

But the ATM appears on the Mastercard locator site? That message would indicate the ATM doesn’t support Mastercard.

I’ve just wanted to get some money out from my monzo account at Lloyds, Halifax, Nationwide and Barclays atms (all in Surbiton), and each time it said something like the card isn’t recognised or card misread. I managed to get the money through cash back at waitrose though…

Wow, that’s surprising. I know most of those do take Mastercard, or at least did. I wonder if there’s something bigger going on or some technical issue.

It reminds me of a few years ago when Seven Bank (part of the Japanese convenience store chain 7-Eleven, well, technically, part of their parent company - Seven & i Holdings) quit taking Mastercard due to a dispute with them. It was a huge loss as they were one of the only ATM providers in Japan who took Mastercard. Even today, acceptance is a very mixed bag in Japan.

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If anyone is interested in what the OP was talking about with regard to the different amounts displaying I have a picture here: IMG_20171224_123227

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Yes I that what I mean you get that display at the Note Machine atm but different screens still at the same each various atm