Curious case of Account Balance


Yesterday I needed a little cash to pay a cash only retailer they had a cash machine just outside the shop it was free to use Note machine. On ‘Check Balance’ it was bit strange to see account balance was coming up 0.00 but available for withdrawal was the correct balance I could see In-app.

(Hugh) #2

Is this a prepaid or Current Account card?


Current account
And it was not abroad :wink:

(Marta) #4

Since it works correctly in majority of ATMs, but doesn’t in this one, I’d blame that ATM. :smiley:


I had not used a Cash machine for ages but at this one I tried my Santander card and it showed things as they should be

(Sean) #6

Do you have an overdraft?



20 limit

(Simon Turp) #8

I got this exact same thing on an ATM from the same company “NoteMachine”


I reported this In-app and got this response