Try putting Monzo card into ATM in UK, get ? when ask machine for balance [Prepaid Beta]

…any reason why this might be? I went to a Cash Zone ATM at ALDI in Garstang, Lancashire, UK and I just got ??? when I asked the machine how much money was in the account.

I take it this is normal?


I get the same when I try at the Co-operative

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I’m gessing that this is because Monzo cards are prepaid cards, in which case, it’ll be expected behaviour.

But if you ask the help team, via the in-app chat, you’ll get a more detailed & accurate answer than you will here. They’re pretty quick to respond too.

Please do let us know what the explanation was!

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It also happens with Fire debit cards too

For Euro accounts? :wink:

But seriously, have Fire told you the cause of the issue there? Perhaps it’s not related to the type of card they’re providing…

For GBP accounts on UK sort code. I have tried foreign (EU) debit cards in same machine and they work OK and show balance in local and account currency, but as the bank make a small 50c charge to cover balance enquiries from overseas ATMs perhaps there is some issue that some companies who provide a balance thru their apps chose not to provide a balance via ATM to avoid incurring that charge.

I am not saying I check my balance much but it handy to be able to view it on an ATM when you are out shopping without your phone, such as when leaving the phone on recharge.

Nobody told me the reason. I did not ask Fire but I asked someone at Monzo and they did not know so I told them not to bother finding out as I did not think it important at the time…but Monzo app still records the fact you used an ATM even though the ATM did not display the balance.