Non-ATM cash transactions showing as ATM

I topped up my Revolut account a few days ago (just having a play with it - am still loyal to Mondo!) Topped up 10 GBP, USD and EUR - no fees on any of them, all very good.

The only thing was that for some reason, all three transactions are showing as ATM transactions. I presume this is because they’re classed as cash transactions, rather than purchases.

I recognize this one might be fairly difficult to fix correctly, but it does seem that it’d be good to avoid assuming that cash transactions are always for ATMs. Perhaps checking against a list of addresses for known ATMs (I think there is an official list somewhere)?

Revolut looks interesting - I did wonder whether such a think was possible with pre-paid cards but thought it would be 1 prepaid card to 1 currency balance (but the Revolut card seems to be able to hold multiple balances if I understand correctly?)

What is the behaviour of Mondo when withdrawing from an ATM in a different currency/country?

edit: hmm maybe I have misunderstood and the behaviour would be that mondo would convert the money at mastercard rates at the time of withdrawal at the ATM

In that case what is the value proposition of Revolut holding multiple currency balances? Is it simply that you can choose when you want to convert the money as opposed to it being done at whatever the mastercard exchange rate is at the time of ATM withdrawal?

Revolut holds multiple balances separately - you can top them up & withdraw them individually. I’d imagine if you spend money on the card, it automatically selects the correct currency for the transaction and deducts from the relevant balance.

While you can do FX in-app, you can top up your EUR balance with a EUR bank account/card, GBP balance with a GBP card, etc.

Hey guys,

Thanks! I’ll take a look at this over the weekend - we can definitely make Revolut and other similar products not appear as cash/ATM transactions :slight_smile: Should be pretty simple. Shout if it’s not fixed early next week.

This is still occurring - just paid the balance on my Amex and it appeared as “ATM”.

Opened a convo without reading here first. Oops. I just paid my Vanquis Visa and it came up as an ATM in London with a postcode and the “Agil8” logo.

I also got the Agil8 logo recently at an ATM.

Ditto. (ATM at HSBC, Canary Wharf).

The ATM logo should be fixed and not show Agil8 now - it might not update immediately in your app if the icon is cached. Sorry about that! Mistake on our end :blush: