ATM location changed


Hi all,

Just got my card and started using - definitely impressed.

One initial thing I’ve noticed, I made an ATM withdrawal at a Barclays ATM in Littlehampton.

It came up in the feed immediately, with address and pinpoint accuracy on the map (great :smiley:)…

But, 24hrs later (perhaps once the transaction had settled?), the same ATM transaction changed to Barclaycard - and the address and map location changed to Northampton (hundreds of miles from original location)

Known issue with settling ATM transactions? - Happy to provide some before and after screenshots of this one if not…

If so, perhaps the ATM transaction info could lock to the initial transaction rather than update to the provider’s address later…

Looking forward to everything that’s coming :smiley:


ATM locations are an issue…with another bank I withdrew cash in Colchester but it came up on my account in Harwich so to prevent possible fraud I cancelled my card before we worked out what was wrong!

(Steven Pick) #3

I just changed my PIN number on my card and the location of the ATM isn’t the location of the ATM I actually used.