Atm Dispute . Barclays Atm

I have just had an issue with an ATM. This was a barclays cashpoint. I tried to take out £370 and was advised it only had £20 notes. I then tried £380 and the machine kept beeping and returned me card minus the cash. I then tried again and my balance had been deducted. When u first went onto monzo to raise an issue it states most problems are sorted within 7 days. I’m now told them have to raise a dispute but it has to be accepted my Mastercard first before barclays and can take 8 weeks? Why is it not passed straight to barclays? I am not in a position to be able to wait 8 week when I cant now pay my Bill’s.

Up to 8 weeks

It’s actually a fairly simple process to confirm if in fact you did receive the money. You need to raise it with Monzo, it takes a day or two for an ATM to reconcile, once done the transaction should reverse. If it doesn’t after 48 hours then its down to your bank, in this case Monzo to raise that with Barclays. No reason to get Mastercard involved, so not sure why you was given that advice. ATM’s not giving out money, isn’t a rare occurrence, it happens a fair bit.

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Hopefully in your case it’ll resolve itself in a few days once reconciliation is done by the ATM.

The long chargeback period is purely just because Monzo is a relatively small bank and can’t take the hit if someone runs off with the money. Frustrating for us but necessary for them. They just don’t yet have the finances to run this like the major banks do.

Hopefully it wont be long

Looks like they’re treating it as a card payment dispute, instead of a failed ATM transaction… Think there are some crossed wires, unless they should be treated the same??

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Yeah for some reason, it does seem crossed wires, its definitely not a payment dispute. Really does take a couple of days at most normally to solve.