When chargeback is actually raised?!

I was trying to sort this nonsense now for 10 days via chat, but going nowhere. So here it is:

I made 3 purchases online from Merchant that is about to go out of business. No goods delivered. Was told to raise chargeback claims and got confirmation that merchant will accept claims as soon as they reach their bank.

Contacted Monzo, they agreed to raise claim on 24 August.
On 29 August I got a call from merchant saying that their bank haven’t got any claim notice and my funds are still with them.
Contacted Monzo to check why they haven’t submitted actual claim to MasterCard system, just to be told several times by different people via chat “disputes raised on 24th. Disputed takes around 3 month”.

I tried to explain, that if they would submit disputes, merchant should get it max in 3 working days, then accept them and chargeback case sorted in one week.

After sending constant chat messages, got response that claims submitted on 29 August.
Ok, I thought…let’s see.
2 September email comes from merchant saying that nothing has came through and they about to close business so if claims doesn’t come through by 6 September I will have to wait 45 days as there will be no one to accept or dispute them.

If Monzo would explain that they need to wait, or there is another team who submits actual claims to MasterCard - I will be calm, but I don’t understand what purpose is to tell misleading information to customer.
Can someone explain me what the hell is going on and how I convince Monzo to submit actual claim to MasterCard without delay.

Disputes can take up to 45 days, MasterCard rules not monzo. There has also been a bank holiday during that time so claims and disputes would likely take a little longer in those instances.

If there’s nobody there to dispute the funds the other side, you may win by default if no reply, but that’s a big if.

Fingers crossed all gets resolved soon enough for you.

Could the merchant not have just sent the money back or reversed the transaction if they’re still accepting claims?

Not sure on the full process if going to admin though.


Hello article also fully documents the process / timescales


Thank you for info. I understand all timeframes, but what I am puzzled about is, if Chargeback is raised, it automatically reverts disputed transaction, thus acquirer bank informs merchant and deducts money. It should happen within 1-3 days max. I don’t understand what Monzo is doing almost 10 days after claiming it raised the case, but actually the case wasn’t raised in MasterCard system as acquirer bank still has funds and no reversals happened.

I was expecting those payments to be back already, but now my account is in non agreed overdraft for -£400

It’s so frustrating.

You’d need to continue discussing with monzo as we can’t help from an account level.

As always, if you’re unhappy with them, you’re free to complain.

I think this bit depends on the bank and this is not how Monzo do it.

Did the three purchases put you overdrawn?


Based on what information? Without knowing much about chargeback my assumption is there needs to be an investigation first.

I would also assume many people are simultaneously submitting chargeback claims and you would need to wait until you have got to the front of the queue before your claim is submitted.


Emily​:+1::heart: from Disputes team just now submitted delayed claims, explained all timeframe and my account is not overdrawn. All resolved in 2 min! Amazing!! :white_check_mark: