ATM dispute - how to raise a dispute

I’m struggling to find out how to raise a dispute for an ATM non payment on the App. I can find guidance on “how the dispute process works”, but these instructions start with “once you have raised the dispute”. I can’t find anywhere how to actually raise the dispute in the first place. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious so any help would be appreciated.

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What’s actually happened at the ATM?

Tap on the ATM transaction in the feed, scroll down to the bottom of the transaction details and tap on “Something wrong? Get help


This is a very informative post. Worth a read.


Thanks. I tried that, but it takes me into a loop without actually telling me how to make the dispute. However, I think I have worked out that the option to dispute does not appear until 7 working days after the withdrawal.

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We request to wait until 7 days after the event as the ATM provider will generally refund if they do feel there’s a discrepancy in what was given vs charged.

If you’ve not had anything back after the 7 day window, either get in touch or head to the bottom of the transaction it should offer to get help and guide you through the relevant process.

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Thank you. Can I suggest that you add a line on the guidance that the option to raise a dispute only appears after the 7 days. I am willing to wait the 7 days but was just preparing myself by reading the guidance in advance. Currently without knowing the the option to dispute is disabled until after the 7 days, it looks like a glitch which sends you into a perpetual guidance loop.

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I’ve added a screenshot of what help section which explains you need to wait 7 days and then raise it.

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Thanks Carl. Please read my suggestion again. I understand I have to wait seven days before disputing the transactions. But anyone wishing to prepare themselves (ie be ready to take action) would benefit from understanding that the option to dispute is disabled until after that period.

Anyway, I have now waited over seven working days and the option to dispute the transactions still do not appear for me. The guidance talks about making a dispute but does not explain how to do this.

I am grateful for your assistance.


Help > search “contact” > Contact Us

And speak to support. But be warned, this isn’t an easy dispute to raise/solve and based on the other topic I linked to, Monzo say to allow 8 weeks.

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