Request for help with undispensed ATM transaction

Please can anyone advise me on how to get my money back quickly because I need it desperately and I have been told its going to take up to 7 days to get it but I need it now

You need to contact customer service through the app.

Is the answer not in your post, 7 working days. Who told you this, have Monzo already given you that as a timescale.

If not tap on the transaction and do the something wrong with this transaction.

I was just hoping there may be another solution available to me because I am in so much trouble and lost my job and no money is available to me

No other solution, you need to contact Monzo via the app.

Unfortunately you have the only answer you can have.

  1. if you haven’t done so already then contact CS.
  2. if you’ve been give a timeline of 7 days by them, then that’s how long it’ll take

This is what it says in the app. In most cases the ATM will realise there’s been an issue dispensing the cash and refund you the money automatically.

Unfortunately quite a few people lie about these things, so there are no shortcuts. You need to wait the 7 days, if the money is not returned Monzo will attempt to recover the money from the ATM provider. The ATM provider at that point will likely be able to supply evidence that the money either was or wasn’t dispensed and taken by you, but it might not be a quick process. Quite a lot of this is out of Monzo’s hands and sitting around waiting for the ATM operator to act/reply. There’s nothing more you can do but wait.