ATM Access Denied

When withdrawing from an ATM, how many times can you try to withdraw money? We have tried to withdraw from an ATM twice but it rejected us! Scared to try same machine or another ATM!

Is it 3 times per ATM or 3 times in any 24 hr period before the ATM swallows your card?!!!

We are in Vietnam and struggling to get cash unless we physically go into a bank.

Rejected you PIN? Did you get a message in your Monzo feed?

It might be you need to enable Magstripe ATM in the Monzo App by clicking on manage card. I know this is needed for ATMs in some countries. I’m new to Monzo so going on what I’ve read.

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Hello @K4Y84 & welcome :wave:

That’s a very good tip :+1: - Magstripe may have to be enabled.

I’m not sure if it rejected the pin.

The error message was “your transaction was not successful”.

This happened twice but worried to put card back in again to any ATM for fear of it swallowing card!

I remember certain ATMs in Vietnam struggled to accept my MasterCard Halifax credit card. Whereas a Visa debit was more successful. You’ll probably have to figure out certain bank branded ATMs that work. I noticed that the ones that were attached to banks were generally more successful.

Try MasterCards ATM locator:

If it says ‘Transaction not successful’ I would try another ATM. I remember trying 4 or 5 different bank branded ATMs in a row.

Make sure you have allowed magstripe atm withdrawal in your app. Look at this thread for ATMs that others have used in Vietnam and try and find one of those

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