Failed ATM Withdrawal

I tried to take money out of my monzo account… I have money in it but it wouldn’t let me take it

Monzo wouldn’t let you take it? Or the ATM?

What message did you get?

ATM… did pin and selected cash… juat declined

Might be best to check your limits, you can only withdraw so much in a day, this can be done inside the monzo app.

But other than that you’ll need to contact support ( as the forum is unable to help with account issues :slight_smile:

How can i set a limit or check

Not sure if there is a quicker way but…
Press account button.
Press manage icon
Press limits & allowances button.
I’m not sure you can up your ATM limits - £400 a day, £5500 over 30 days.
The more likely (happened to me a few times) reasons are either the ATM is a LINK only one & wont work or it timed out.
Top tip - always make sure it has a mastercard symbol on the ATM.


Did you get a feed item for using the atm ? Click it and it should give you some info.

You’ll get better answers speaking directly to Monzo through in-app chat (eventually). It could have been an ATM that doesn’t accept MasterCard directly (a Link only machine) but I’ve had issues with a Metro Bank that was labelled MasterCard that nobody could seem to explain :neutral_face: I just went to another bank’s ATM and it worked.

If the ATM said denied but nothing came up on your app, it’s because the ATM isn’t on the MasterCard network. Some are only on Link but Monzo isn’t part of that. If it did come up with something in the app have a look at that for more details of what the issue was.

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Can I please ask… Do Monzo cards work in any UK ATM or only certain ones?

If it’s only connected to the LINK network then it won’t work, all other machines are fine


Thank you very much for clarifying this :+1:

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As long as it shows the mastercard logo it should be fine :slight_smile:


Perfect :+1: thank you

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