Unable to Withdraw Cash from ATM's - Italy


Hi, I am currently in Vicenza and don’t seem to be able to use ATMs; my transactions keep appearing as decline. I have been able to use contactless, however, I really would like some money.

Any ideas why it isn’t working? I tried 3 ATMs with no success. Also worth mentioning I’ve never withdrawn money before with this card.

Appreciate any assistance

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contact in app chat who will be able to sort it out better than this public forum , or email help@monzo.com

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My guess is the ATMs that you’re trying to use aren’t chip & pin enabled.

If you’re an iOS user, with the latest version of the app, you can temporarily enable magstripe withdrawal support -

Magstripe ATM withdrawal support

In the UK, almost all ATMs use chip and PIN to validate your identity when you try to withdraw money. However, that’s not always the case elsewhere around the globe and in many countries, ATMs use the magnetic stripe on the back of your card to dispense cash. Up to now, we’ve disabled magstripe ATM withdrawals to protect against the increased fraud risk that these ATMs bring but from today, it is now possible to temporarily turn on magstripe ATM withdrawals for 24 hours. You can access the setting from your Profile or from a transaction that’s been declined by a magstripe ATM.

Text from this blog.

If that doesn’t work, then as Ian says, contacting support is the best way to get this resolved.


Yes agree. I had a similar issue but then a very handy pop up from Monzo explaining the problem and suggesting I enable magstripe for 24 hours. Fantastic !

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We automatically block ATM withdrawals outside of the UK when customers are not ID verified.
It might be your case - quickest way to get around this, send a message through the support chat. If your account is not ID verified, you’ll be sent an invite to go through a very quick and smooth in-app ID verification process.

It takes a minute to complete, then it needs to be manually reviewed. We are usually able to review these in real time :muscle:

If the declines are due to something else, we’ll be able to advise.

Go eat some polenta e osei if still in Vicenza :bird:

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