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Vietnam uses the Vietnamese đồng (₫)

Card usage

Be aware most places will not take card so it’s good to locate fee-free ATMs to use beforehand!


Most ATMs will charge fees or have low limits and a lack of stock for low-denominations.
It has been reported that three banks offer decent-sized withdrawal limits as well as no fees;

  • Military Bank (MB)
  • VP Bank
  • SeABank

Payment and withdrawal limits

All Monzo cards have some payment and withdrawal limits. To check yours before you leave, go to your Profile section of the app and tap on Limits.

Crowdsourced merchant data

Data will most likely be scant so please try and contribute relevant feedback about transactions :slight_smile:


Be aware that there are some fraudulent/rip off taxi operators out there, try to get the establishment to ring and arrange a taxi for you rather than hailing one down. Two recommended providers are:

  • Vinasun (white with green and red stripe) or
  • Mai Linh (green and white)
    -Grab bought Uber and is cheaper than a normal taxi. It can be difficult to find your taxi at the airport, and the drivers usually don’t speak much English.

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Hi, we’re in Vietnam at the moment (April 2019):

  1. we can verify that MB (military bank) does charge some fees. We withdrew 5million dong and it added 49,500 dong as a fee. Minimal :slight_smile:
  2. taxis have meters which means you don’t really need to haggle (just check that it has started from zero) however some taxi drivers will try to cover it on their dash with a notebook etc. Especially if you are getting a taxi from a train station or similar tourist location. One of the green/white taxis mentioned above tried this with us.
  3. a lot more places are starting to accept card including restaurants, homestay, tailors and shops. However many smaller places add 3% onto your bill if you choose to pay by card.