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I tried to use my debit card first time in ScotiaBank cash machine - (the only one that doesn’t charge me 4.5GBP when taking cash), but unfortunately I got an error that my branch is invalid. I’m in Peru and prepaid card works all right. Any thoughts?

enable mag stripe for ATM withdrawals ??? :slight_smile:

I searched for this option in Monzo Bank app, can’t find it?

under - card - settings - magstripe ATMs - on iPhone anyway - I would imagine the similar path with funny phones :slight_smile:

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For Scotiabank you never had to enable the magstripe for the prepaid card so I wouldn’t imagine that was the issue.

The other bank that does not charge that I have found so far is BCP but it only allows you to make one withdrawal per month.

That is the case for Monzo App, not Monzo Bank - the option doesn’t exist on Android. And as @dan_mcloughlin said I didn’t have to to it for ScotiaBank for prepaid card. I also have no notifications with a reason or that my card has been rejected

sorry thought you were pre paid - so - Magstripe is not currently supported on Current Account, if as the following post from someone who has been to peru is correct you need to enable magstripe for some banks :slight_smile:

  • perhaps worth contacting in app support before they close for the evening through the app ???
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Turns out ScotiaBank uses magstripe after all and it’s not available in the current account yet O_o, so unfortunately for now I need to use prepaid. You were right after all @anon95680666!


I was in a similar situation in Morocco last week , again I got no notifications in the Monzo bank app for the reason for the decline. Tried 2 different ATMs.

The ATM message read something like “unknown destination”.

My friend’s prepaid worked and we checked - magstripe wasn’t turned on.

Any ideas/should I post a new thread?

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I was told it’s not a feature for Current Account Debit Card yet, meaning I can’t turn it on, so at the moment the card is useless to me because where I am most of places use magstripe

@triteata, thanks for your post, which saved me when I arrived in Marrakech as I knew to use my prepaid card!

Glad you saw it in time. Hopefully, the culprit is found and fixed!

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