Monzo doesnt work at Asda petrol pump

Why doesn’t Monzo work at Asda petrol pumps? I’m trying to switch from my old current account but cant yet as I’m also concerned this could be a problem elsewhere, never had an issue with my Santander debit card.


Have you got at least £100 in your account?

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I’ve used Asda’s pay at pump a handful of times with monzo and never had a problem. Also works in the kiosk :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you see a decline in the app at all, @Mazzatron? Just trying to understand what’s not working :yum:

I’ve used Monzo at an Asda pump with no problem. You do need to have £99 in your account, though, I believe.

I thought they scrapped that?

Either way, I too have paid at the pump with my Monzo but then again I have an overdraft so perhaps that’s why? :thinking:

I had 1k+ in the account and 1k overdraft. Nothing shows in the app, I should have noted exactly what the pump display said, I’ll do that next time.

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Oh ok. That is strange then.

Did it seem like an old system at the pump?

No its quite a new petrol station.

Just based on what you’ve said, this sounds like a (possibly temporary) pump issue but if it does happen again, it would be good to know exactly what it said. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got to admit, i had this issue yesterday at an Asda pump. Ended up using Curve which links into my Monzo account anyways.

I too thought Asda had scrapped the £99 thing, is Monzo just refusing the £1 auth unless you have £100?

My card did not work either. It was yesterday - I inserted my card, the display displayed ‘debit mastercard’, then ‘please wait’ and then ‘Sale cancelled’ and ‘void’ receipt printed out. Tried once more with the same outcome. Went ahead and used my visa card from another bank.

No it cannot be £99 issue as i have plenty on the card. The petrol station is unmanned and only ‘pay at pump’. Queues were building up behind me…


This is exactly what happened to me

I’ve had this before pre-Monzo and was told that it’s because I used my card at the pump within the last ~12 hours (can’t remember the exact time). It’s to do with trying to authorise a second payment with a short time instead of asking for your pin again.

Don’t know if this is still a thing or I was just fobbed off :rofl:

FYI the £99 is Mastercard and Visa Pre auth regulations, all fuel stations that do PAP will start this at some point

FYI I had this same issue this morning trying to pay for fuel at an ASDA petrol station.

I raised the issue with support and they’ve just confirmed that Monzo are having issues with Asda stores as a whole (not just petrol stations). Couldn’t give me an ETA on a fix but said they are working to sort it out with ASDA.


Did my Asda shopping fine this morning :wink:

It’s still a problem as of 30 mins ago when I tried in the kiosk at an Asda petrol station.

The ‘decline’ is instant, before being prompted for your PIN and the declined receipt says ‘Excluded Card’.

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I got the same experience couple hours ago at Asda Petrol Station - declined instantly. Had to use my credit card instead

Nobody mentioned shopping at Asda. Mine works fine shopping at Asda but not in the petrol pumps.