✅ Push notification when pay-at-pump pre-auth amount changes

From time to time, I have transactions which when settled are different to the original authorised amounts. FX transactions are some of them, but others travel related mainly.

e,g. When I catch my local bus service, I get 10p per-authed from my account. A day or so later, that will change to £2.30, £3.90 or £4.50 depending on my usage for that day.

My suggestion is when any transaction settles for a different amount that was pre-authed, can I get a notification of such?

It would also help those who suddenly become overdrawn because of this. It could also help prevent possible fraud if I knew at the time of settlement that more was taken out of my account than I had expected (e.g. hotel charges)


I would like this too. Doesn’t happen often but since there’s no log of changes it can be a bit of a guessing game as to why. Some way of only showing transactions that have changed (higher or lower than originally in the feed) maybe?

Otherwise a collapsible feed item for a feed item with a history would be great. This would enable my single most desired feature which I’ve wanted since the prepaid days, which is to have multiple transactions from the same vendor grouped together, such as when in a pub, for example. One day!


This is already live for me, is it not for everyone? Got a notification the day after from an ASDA petrol pay at pump when the final amount came through.

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exciting, do I get some monzo points for suggesting the idea :grin:

Hope that is true!

We’ve now finished this off, so it should work at both old and new-style fuel pumps. :fuelpump:

Old-style pumps authorize £1 and update in a few days

Most Pay at Pump machines today authorize £1. They will look like this in the feed:

If you tap through, you’ll see the following message on the transaction:

This payment hasn’t been finalised yet. The actual amount you’ll pay will be shown in a few days.

You’ll get the following series of notifications. The “amount updated” one will appear a few days later.

New-style pumps authorize £99 and update within 20 minutes

Pay at Pump works differently in Europe, and UK pumps are slowly being updated to match. The new pumps authorize £99, which will look like this:

The message on the transaction screen will read:

This payment hasn’t been finalised yet. The actual amount you’ll pay will be shown soon.

And you’ll get the following series of notifications. The “amount updated” one should appear within 20 minutes.


Solid work

Any insight you can provide into why the IFTTT email worked - for a transaction above an amount - on the change when there was no notification?


Great job :+1:

Should clear up a lot of confusion for people :slight_smile:

Presumably because the internal event had been coded but not the notifications at that point in time.

It will be interesting to see how IFTTT behaves in the final offering. Hopefully it won’t duplicate things!

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Duplication is an interesting thing

If £99 is the thing now do I want one or two emails?

@tjvr what about other merchants which behave the same way?

Do pre-auth changes above a certain amount give a notification?

Out of interest, what sort of merchants?

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Off the top of my head:

  • Apparently some TfL transactions are pre-authed for £0.10 and then updated.

  • Panther Taxis in Cambridge pre-auth something like £1.15 when you book in advance and then the amount is updated at the end of your ride.


Learn something new everyday

Thought this was restricted to petrol stations

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Worked for me today for an Asda PAP yesterday :wink:

Yes, does this only apply to certain merchants or anyone who updates a pre-auth value? Would love the latter!

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Buses in Oxford as well!


Does this work with tfl?

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This is all to stop NMTP (No Means To Pay) one of the Tesco Petrol Stations is closed as I think its going through a refurb but will include sorting out the pre-authorisation amounts. Wait and see.

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For now we’ll only be doing this for Pay at Pump transactions.

We might extend this to other kinds of payment in the future. :slight_smile: