Asda pay at pump problems

Hi all I’ve been using pay at pump at Asda for quite a few weeks with no problems. I’ve always just transferred a pound over and transferred the balance after. Today however it declined payment even though funds were in the account. Wonder if monzo cards have now been stopped again?

How much did they try to take initially?

It’s possible monzo have decided to block this, because they’d be out of pocket if you failed to transfer the rest of the money.

Some pumps initially take up to £100 as a pre-charge and will take the actual payment once it’s done? - also did you use your card or Apple/Android pay?

I used one Saturday no issues just waiting for the charge to update

You can’t use contactless at payatpump
Use amex on them just in case they try to hold £100 of MY money (well amexes now) for a couple days.

Morrisons has new readers with it but it says contactless disabled. (Guessing it’s preparation for the £100 limit)

It will be this.

Your options:

  1. Select to pay inside
  2. Have an overdraft with this amount available
  3. Have this amount available in your main balance.

It’s certainly not this. I filled up yesterday and there would be floods of topics on here about it too if that was the case.


Iam wondering if it was a pump issue then it showed on my monzo app as declined even though the pound request was on it

This might be helpful info, not sure if it’s 100% relevant though…


I always use my amex in pay at pump for cashback and the £99 hold is amexes money not mine tied up.

Using a credit card for pay at pump is the best advice and pay it off as soon as it posts.

Sainsburys now join the list of merchants pre-authing £100

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It will be intresting in how this effects pay in shop rates or people going elsewhere in the case of unmanned sites.


That’s good. No more embarrassing “Oops, I can’t pay. Can I come back later?” moments.