Card declined at Tesco pay at pump

This morning at Tesco petrol pump my card was declined for the £1 check it does even tho there was enough in my account. I had to drive to another pump that you could use, and pay the cashier inside. She asked “oh is it a Monzo card” after she’d seen me need to drive to another pump

I’ve seen issues on the forum with Asda fuel pumps, is this becoming a common problem?

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Did you have £99 available?


I didn’t, I thought they only checked for £1. Is this a new thing? It’s always worked before, last time being the week before I think…

The company only check for £1 (at the minute though this should change) but it’s been suggested before that Monzo will decline the preauthorisation if you don’t have enough money to cover a maximum fill up sothat may be whet happened.

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I had this last week actually for the first time. Not sure if it’s a new thing with that particular forecourt but after having my card declined at ASDA due to that issue I went to Tesco the next day and had it declined.
The message that came up is £1 Declined.

I only had £64 in the account, When I moved another £50 from a pot it went through fine. Previously I haven’t needed the £99 in there at Tesco.

Not sure if it had anything to do with time though, this fill up was at just after Midnight, I’ve heard some places have different authorisation rules when the kiosk is closed?

I used aTesco pump yesterday morning too… sure it mentioned something on the pump about pre-authing £99. Mine definitely worked though (because I had enough).

This topic is cropping up a lot on the forums now. Would be interesting as well as useful to have an answer on it. Do you need £99 credit balance? If you have an overdraft facility will this work provided your balance + overdraft limit would cover £99? Is this a problem with any debit card, just Monzo, or just Mastercard? If Monzo are monitoring the forums perhaps someone on the staff could research and post an answer.

Edit: I’m thinking that as we move towards a more automated society, with less human interaction (which I have my views about but that’s aanothe thread) we need to understand how that works. So if there is a set of rules for this, we need to k ow what they are before we get caught running on vapour and unable to fill the tank!

This is a good post by @daniel


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