Asda Groceries

(Lynette Jane Taggart) #1

Hi, brand news user here, have just received my card!

Just wondering if anyone has used their card for ASDA groceries yet, I know they can be quite funny with taking cards…

Thanks in advance!


I remember using prepaid on that, so surely the current account shouldn’t have any issues?

(Mark Embling) #3

Rarely use ASDA but sometimes pop in and get a small amount of items, lunch and so on. Never had a problem - generally use self-checkout and contactless there.

(Lynette Jane Taggart) #4

Ah brilliant! Thank you for that :slight_smile:

(Lynette Jane Taggart) #5

Ah should’ve mentioned that it’s online for groceries to be delivered… I’ve had issues with prepaid cards before

(Johnny Ellwood) #6

The new current accounts aren’t prepaid, they are classed as a debit MasterCard, same as the new TSB cards so there won’t be an issue.

(Lynette Jane Taggart) #7

Fantastic news! Thank you Johnny! :slight_smile:


Definitely no issues. Used it multiple times.

(Mark Edmonds) #9

Use multiple times a week. Never had an issue!