Are these texts spam? [YES, Monzo will never contact you to update details via text]

I’ve recieved a couple of messages saying they’re monzo, asking me to update details, but I am suspicious. Are they real? Or spam?

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This is a good help article to help understand/spot scams

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Change one letter of ‘spam’ and you get the more accurate answer of ‘scam’.

Someone is trying to trick you out of your money, ignore them. Remember, Monzo have a fully self-contained app that they can push alerts to you through if they genuinely need you to update any details.


And Google Messages is really good at showing the suspected spam warning at the top too :+1:

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I got a similar one a while ago. I asked monzo in app although knew it was sp(c)am and it was. But felt right thing to flag.
Was amazed by it though as in line with other genuine monzo messages and so could easily seem genuine.

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