Receiving texts to update personal details

I keep receiving texts from Monzo to update details otherwise account is restricted. I have looked at my account and I cannot see what I need to update?? Help please

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Check on your transaction feed, and if you’re using the new layout, switch it off in labs and try the old layout to see what they’re asking for.

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Is this actually Monzo though? Seems a bit phishy to me.


If the texts are telling the recipient to go via the app though? Unless this is a long game and the next one will be “we can see you’re having trouble, so click here…”

Could be genuine, could be classic social conditioning.


Is your account still functioning? Do you have a dormant business account or sole trader account you’ve not used which is asking for the details?

Could also be the number being attached to someone else’s account if yours is working fine.

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Hi There,

As far as Im aware we do take actions like this, however you should only be taking actions through the app please reach out to us so we can double check this for you.


The wording of these texts disturbs me.

“Open the app to answer a few questions it should only take a few minutes” is a glowing red flag to me. Why would a hyphen or comma not be used to break up the sentence in an official programmed communication that is presumably going to be sent out to many, many people? Monzo has a team of copywriters who are English Language experts so why would an automated communication (automated as all of them are sent at the same exact minute on different days) forget to use punctuation?

“Please open the app today and answer our questions” also feels like it is written more by a foreign prince looking for help investing his hundred million dollar inheritance than Monzo. I don’t believe a Monzo message would refer to “our” questions as if Monzo were a group of people rather than an app or a thing. Instead of “our questions” it should be “some questions”. Also, why do you need to open the app “today” when they go on to wait a considerable number of days before contacting you again, and why doesn’t it tell you where to go in the app, what to update or why?

The fact that when you do go on the app there is nothing to find is the biggest glowing red flag to me.

If you are a fraudster, one of the simplest tools you can get is a spoofing tool to make your text or call seem like it came from another number or a programmed name of your choice, so the fact it says Monzo means absolutely nothing.

If a fraudster sends this text to 1000 random people in the UK, more than 100 of them are going to have a Monzo account. All the fraudster needs to do is bide their time and then after a while they can call these people saying their accounts are blocked. 10% of the people they call will have a Monzo account and have a memory that they have been receiving texts saying there is a problem with it, so they will be more likely to go ahead with whatever they are told.

As Tom said, you should send a message in app to find out if anything does need updating. You should also familiarise yourself with this:

I don’t think it is genuine for the above reasons and if that’s the case you might still be contacted by a fraudster.

Please update this topic with the outcome of this incident as it will be interesting to know if this is potential fraud or if Monzo’s copywriting has just become extremely sloppy.


Just to say even if this is genuine it’s also why I thought it might not be. Terrible wording.

Weirdly, the text following “What to do if anyone calls or texts you…” doesn’t mention what to do if anyone texts you.

This is why banks will never get on top of Authorised Push Payment fraud – there is too much room for human error in any message more than:

“This is Monzo. You have an urgent message in your Monzo app. Open the app and read the message. Or call the number on the back of your card. Never reply to this message and never answer any call from Monzo.”

Banks should never give any more instruction than open app/online banking/call the number on your card/go into branch.


Thanks everyone for the help.
I did try calling Monzo but after going through the automated options it told me to go on Monzo chat which I thought was this forum! I’ll try and email them instead and update :slight_smile:

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