Aqua Card - switching direct debit

I switched my direct debit to Monzo last month, I just realised that my latest payment was never taken from my account… I didn’t get a single text or email, and there is no record of an attempt to charge my monzo account

My newest statement shows the due date as 22nd May, so 7 days ago. I selected to pay the full amount which is only around £23 so it would really suck to get my first missed payment hit for this

Will call in the morning but has anyone else had experience with this process with Aqua?

There is no indication anywhere on my account that I’m late other than opening the overpayment menu which shows my latest statement due date 7d ago - no text about the DD which usually comes 3 days before

Did the direct debit appear on your Monzo account direct debit list?

No, I set it up definitely over two weeks ago probably closer to a month, my last aqua payment was on the 7th May, so maybe my next isn’t till the 7th June? App is awful and confusing

But does it show up in your Monzo app? That will confirm it’s been set up correctly.

If your last direct debt was 7th May then it seems right that 7th June or there about should be your next one, but you’d need to contact Aqua to check. If you made a manual payment on 7th May then your direct debit might still come out on the agreed date, it won’t move the direct debit with a manual payment.

Really need to get my ducks in a row lol

I setup the DD on 8th March, it shows on Monzo and came out twice (22nd Mar, 24th Apr), 28th Apr and 7th May I made overpayments/manual payments (£35 and £51.86) - I’m thinking I settled my May bill early and therefore no payments was actually due on the 22nd… I’d have expected to get atleast a warning SMS if I had a balance due

Will call them later to confirm, but I think that’s it… few

It sounds like they take the direct debit regardless of your manual payment (or they attempted to). This isn’t uncommon generally if your overpayment doesn’t cover your balance. On some, usually credit building credit cards, they will take the full direct debit regardless to get your balance down faster. I think… Aqua fall into that category.

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Yeah I thought it would work that way, I definitely had the DD setup though and also they’ve taken payments before, so not sure

My May Statement shows payment requested £51.86, so I guess I paid my statement balance on the 7th, though like you said I expected to see another payment come out on the 22nd

After my payment on the 7th my balance was £0, and then I spent some money around the 20th so I probably had my account fully settled at the time they were processing the DDs, I don’t think I have anything to worry about