Introducing Trends - the future of money management with Monzo

Targets is now available for everyone! :raised_hands:

Targets is designed to help you set a monthly spending target and feel motivated to stick to it. :dart:

Set your own spending target, or choose a recommend target based on your past spending habits. Pick which of your Monzo and connected accounts to include, and which categories to leave out.


The graph can also help you visualize whether you’re on pace to stay within target for the month. :calendar:

Tap the Trends tab in your app to set your own spending target.

With balance, spending, and now targets, Trends provides in-depth insights to help you understand and manage your money. We’ve heard some great feedback so far, like flexible budgeting periods, so let us know what else would help you get more from Trends!

Another big thank you to our beta testing group for helping us with targets! :sparkling_heart: