Meet your new budgeting buddy 📊 December 2022 updates

Hey everyone :wave:

Managing your money is a very personal experience. From figuring out how much you have left each month, to saving for your next big thing, the tools you use play an important part. Our goal is to make sure they fit into your life, not the other way around.

We’ve been busy building new features to help you get a clearer picture of your money habits. Here’s what’s new in December:

Check up on your financial health with Trends :bar_chart:

Make sense of your spending and saving patterns across all your Monzo and external connected accounts together. The more accounts you connect, the more you’ll get out of it. Learn more on our blog

Thanks to our community members who helped us test Trends over the last few weeks. Because of your feedback, we improved the way credit card payments are presented and resolved a tricky date bug. :bug:

If this is your first time using Trends, please tell us what you think via the form at the bottom of the Trends tab in the Monzo app.

We’re already exploring ways to make this more comprehensive and personalized, like bi-weekly or bi-monthly budgeting. What else would help you get more from Trends?

Personalize your spending with new and custom categories :cat2:

Create your own custom categories to organize your spending how you want! Choose from different icons and colors, and find out how much you really spent on pizza :pizza: (spoiler: not enough).

Keep your budget accurate by splitting transactions into multiple categories. Because you know your midnight Target run was not all Shopping, since you also bought cereal and that should count as Groceries.

We also added some new standard categories: Income, Savings, and Transfers.

Rename your connected accounts :bookmark:

Getting confused between different linked accounts? Rename them to whatever you want. On any connected account or credit card, tap Account then Edit.

Change your linked debit card, now easier :credit_card:

You’ve always been able to instantly add money to Monzo by linking an external debit card. And now you can change your linked debit card without needing to chat with our customer support team! You can do this on your own once every 90 days, if eligible.

We can’t wait for what you’ll help us build next year in 2023! Vote for the features you’re most excited about on our public roadmap.


Ooh, the first feature available for the US that’s not out for the UK :eyes: