Approving Multiple Split Bill/Payment Requests

Is there a way to avoid having to type your PIN in for every individual split bill/payment request approval? I routinely have 10-20 payments to sort with my partner every month and it seems a bit clunky and feels like something i should be able to longpress to collate and approve in a oner.

You have two options:

  • Use shared tabs instead
  • Enable biometric authentication instead

Transferring money without authentication will never be removed, no matter what. It’s to protect against fraud.

I agree with @michaelw90.
If you have multiple “split payment” a month between the same people, and settle them only at the end of the month, then it would make more sense to used a shared tab instead.
You only have to make 1 payment (and so only one authentication).

Removing authentication for payments is a security and fraud risk so won’t happen.

Cheers guys. Seems like a decent alternative - wasn’t aware you could add custom payments and so we were avoiding that function thinking you could only settle Monzo payments in the split tab as opposed to general oweage/from other accounts etc.

…FYI wasn’t suggesting removing authentication all together, that would be madness.