Shared Tab - Uneven split on Scheduled Payments

Good Afternoon Monzo,

I am now utilising the Shared Tabs for most things within my Household,

However, I am currently stuck in relation to one particular use case.

I have set up a standing order from my Monzo account on a monthly basis, and would like to get this payment to come directly from a shared tab.

Unfortunately, at present it appears that you cannot split these payments unevenly and it basically splits the amount equally between the people within the tab.

This means that at present, I have to create a tab for the same amount, and then use this tab, to transfer across to my main account every month, instead of it being automatic and seamless.

If this is possible, and I have simply configuring this wrong, then I look forward to being corrected!



Hello :wave:

This isn’t possible currently and it seems a bit niche for personal accounts if it’s a long-term ongoing thing as it’s only really designed for keeping tabs on a bunch of payments owed or payments over a week if you’re on holiday for example.

Generally this is resolved with a joint account (if it’s just you and your partner) but if you’re talking about a bunch of flatmates then I wouldn’t advise this. You’re probably best looking at a different provider to cover these needs where you all have access to just one account and equal responsibility for the bills.

If this was me and you wanted to stick with Monzo, I’d setup a pot for your monthly payment and have the standing order taken directly from there. Then you can request money from your friends in advance and set it to one side.

You should be able tap into the amount next to each person and type in any figure you like :slight_smile:

Hi there,

thanks for your comments and it has made it clear.

I guess it would just be ideal, if you could schedule payments, from other Monzo users directly into one of your pots. Then it would all take care of itself.

At the moment, I have created a shared tab which collects the money once a month, and then once it is in the shared tab, i move this into my pot for when all the money comes out.

I raised my point, because you can do it for other payments, so I am not sure why you can’t create a breakdown of how the standing order is paid, as it cannot be unevenly paid, and can only, at PRESENT be paid evenly from the shared tab.

@Monzo, is there any plan to implement this small change that will make everything easier.


No problem :slight_smile:

Monzo haven’t announced any plans to do this and you’re unlikely to hear from them on the matter. To get their attention you’ll need to get people to vote for your idea and generally when it gets to a 2 or 3 hundred they’ll take note.

Make sure you vote for your own suggestion at the top of this topic too :point_up:

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We’re not able to do this if the bill you’re adding is through the “Add recurring bill” option of the shared tab. Unevenly split rent would be a good example where it would be nice to have the payment automatically come into the shared tab and be split. Rather than having to manually add the rent every month and then split unevenly.

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