Add money requests into the send/request area as a dedicated screen

Currently when another Monzo user requests you to send them money for a transaction, the request appears in the main transactions view. In my situation, I have lots of these requests from my partner but they will be there for another few weeks whilest I’m waiting to get paid (We’re both in agreement to this haha). Going over the transaction list to try and find all these requests is quite a pain however as meanwhile my day to day banking continues and these requests become buried in my hectic transactions list. Would be good if in the send/request tab there was a dedicated “Requests (4)” list item that gave a number of outstanding requests. Makes it much easier to manage if you’re poor like me and owe lots of transactions!

Set up a Shared Tab with her then settle all the things when you want?

Payments > Request > Shared Tabs

This feature should now be live for everyone. I think that solves what you were asking? Basically ask her to add transactions you owe money for to a Shared Tab and these all appear in the Payments tab under Request.

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Yeah that’s true but the only issue with that is you don’t have fine control over the amount you want to charge for. It’s only 50/50. Maybe that should be the title of this topic then? To be able to customise the amount of the transaction in the tab?

Ah yes forgot it was 50/50 or 100%. Yeah, similar controls to Bill Splitting would be great. Or a place for pending requests would be cool :+1::+1:

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Yeah defo! Do you think I should close this and make a new topic for that so it’s got better visibility?

As far as im aware now its possible to edit the split amounts on tab? So it doesnt always have to be 50/50

Someone can correct me if im wrong here :thinking:

On reading this comment, I decided to have a look and it appears you can actually do that! I either missed it or it was included in the very latest update! My bad!

Any moderators about to close this post?

Oh good :grinning: