Assign Bank Transfers to payments

Unfortunately a lot of my friends dont have monzo so i cant use the split the bill featire as much as id like to. It would be good to be able to assign transfers to myself to the bill that would be split. Just to help with the breakdown a bit more. Hope that makes sense!

Like a way to track it manually for a billsplit opposed to how another monzo user would?

You can still split the bill with non monzo folk, follow the steps and send the payment link. Once they use that specific link to pay you, it’ll show as split on your feed and inbound credit will apply to the purchase.

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Thats great but it would also be good to be able to allign the incoming money to a payment after the fact. Such as i payed the bill for a meal for 6 friends and we split it later. I didnt know you could send a link but now i already have their money it would be good to attach those incomings to the bill to accurately display what i actually spent as an individual

Categorise the incoming payments the same as the outgoing payment and that will show you have spent.

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This is the way.

I get that. I just think there’s room for improvement

You could get Β£5 for each referral and have your friends on Monzo, they get Β£5 too, and your bill splitting traumas will be forever gone.