Is there a limit on payment / splits transactions to one person per day?

I often split things with my partner, about once a month and ive noticed for the past few months the apps says no connection try again after the 20th split in the same day. it’s happened a few times and again today so definitely not a coincidence.

Does anyone know why this happens? #i’d rather Monzo just be upfront if theres a limit tbf

I’ve not heard of a limit. If you’re doing loads though won’t a shared tab be better?

Or better yet get a Monzo joint account.

We do all our spending on a credit card for points and I used to do a lot of splits too. Now I just add everything to a shared tab that’s settled on payday

Yeah I prefer splitting individual transactions, I’ve tried the shared tab and it doesn’t do it for me

If you dont mind me asking whys this the case?

What operating system do you have?

I would contact monzo using the in app chat, and hopefully they’ll be able to get a definitive answer from an engineer.

If you let us know here what they say so we can help if it comes up again

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