Apple WWDC 2020

Are you planning on using the home screen widgets? If so could you upload some pictures?

Also, can you rename the categories in the app library and move them to different folders?

Sure! I’m not a huge fan of widgets and I’ve just done this for illustration. Doesn’t look very nice as I’ve just thrown it together!

It doesn’t seem as though I can at the moment.

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I’m really looking forward to the Spatial Audio update to the Airpod Pro’s.

I’ve got a load of movies on a Plex server, and being able to get most out of the 5.1 audio will be a huge improvment.


:warning: If anyone is considering installing this release on their daily driver and uses Starling, do not update.

Starling is the only app so far on my iPhone which fails to launch.


Thanks for the heads up!

Have you tried Amex, Barclays or Reddit? Pretty much the only other non-system apps I use frequently

Amex and Reddit working fine. Barclaycard also, but I don’t have standard Barclays app so cannot test.

Watching that made me detest my ears for not fitting the AirPod Pro’s more than I already did. I don’t think the seal is necessary for this feature to work (though I could be wrong), so hopefully it will be added to an updated version of regular airpods down the line too.

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Windows 10 is shipped on multiple Arm laptops with Snapdragon chips from multiple vendors. There is Lenovo, HP, Asus, Samsung laptops. Look for Windows on Arm, or Windows on Snapdragon.

Idk about Amex but Reddit works, however Barclays doesn’t. Whenever I open it, I get a prompt saying that I jailbreaked my phone when I didn’t.

Somewhere, the windows phone designer is crying.

Classic apple.


I’m happy about the Dark Sky integration coming so quickly. Apple weather is terrible.

I’m happy but cautious. The improvements they mentioned in the keynote are just for US so far.

Dark Sky is so so much better that I can’t see all its features being rolled into weather before it’s killed off :confused:

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Finding the beta fantastically stable btw. All my apps are working, no crashing. Lots of aspects feeling smoother than before.

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I don’t think it’s fully integrated yet. For instance hyper-local hourly precipitation is for US only, whereas dark sky works brilliantly in the U.K. and with push notifications. I hope the dark sky app remains until Apple’s weather app has feature parity and works fully here too. Dark Sky is one of my favourite apps.


Exactly this. I did not take the purchase as a positive.

I’m a little more optimistic about it and was quite excited when Apple bought them. It’s a fantastic app and weather experience. I can’t recommend it enough. But the biggest barrier that put people off was the price.

Ideally this now means Dark Sky’s excellence can be fully implemented into iOS and provided to all iOS users for free. I never expected Apple to be able do that in time for iOS 14, but certainly 15. Apple also has the capacity to significantly improve and scale the service globally. I prefer Dark Sky’s UI too, and they have an iPad app, which weather still does not (though it does have a widget now).

My only hope is they don’t prematurely discontinue the Dark Sky service until it’s fully baked in and there’s no longer a need for that weather channel logo. Or maybe they will keep the Dark Sky app as a separate app entity given how ubiquitous it has become, and market it as a pro version of weather.

Either way, I just don’t want to lose the dark sky experience I know and love, and as long as Apple deliver that, I’ll be fine with it.

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I have a mid 2012 MacBook pro too, tried installing the Beta profile last night but no joy with Big Sur upgrade. Not supported anymore :cry:

Such a shame as it’s a great laptop after a RAM and SSD upgrade. There are ways around running newer MacOS on older hardware (check out dosdude1 for a patcher tool) - maybe there will be a similar patch for Big Sur.

But maybe it will be time to upgrade to a new ARM based MacBook next year… :man_technologist:

My MacBook just made the cut for this release! It does need an upgrade, but I’ve been holding out for either ARM based MacBooks or FaceID on a MacBook. Whichever drops first.

Me too. iPhone se 1st Gen feels so snappy and fast

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Does Monzo app and Monzo app in TestFlight works fine or not guys ? Keep me posted.

Natwest and Lloyds works. Barclaycard detects at jailbroken device. Haha