iOS 14 Stackable Widgets

Been using a developer version of the iOS 14 Beta for the past few weeks now and after talking to someone at Monzo, it would appear there are currently no plans to introduce a new version of their widget which would be adaptable along with being stackable.

I have mocked up a couple of ideas on what they could look like, started with the smallest widget which would display in the summary circle format and then we have the medium size which takes a much more linear approach but while also showing you the last 3 transactions made on the Monzo card.

These are both a 2x2 widget, a 4x2 widget as well as 4x4 widget which I am yet to put a proposal together for on how to maximise the use of the available space. That is even if Monzo wanted a 4x4 set.

If you have any ideas on improvement or a way in which we could utilise the space available better, then feel free to let me know!

Looks good!

Shame that Monzo won’t be developing these though. It’s seems right up their street.


Well… They aren’t looking at them… For now!

When I spoke to them, she said she will “definitely” be passing this idea on for future use.

So I’m hoping if this post gets enough votes and traction, it’s something they look to do for around the release of iOS 14 in September.

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I can’t see anyone developing Widgets for iOS14 for some time to be honest, so not surprising that Monzo have no plans, as yet.

To use WidgetKit the app would have to be built in SwiftUI, which is unlikely given the new nature of the language, you can I believe use it with older programming languages but I could be wrong.

I really like the left to spend concept by the way, and maybe one day Monzo will develop them, just can’t see it being by September tho.

Fwiw, only the widget UI itself has to be built with the SwiftUI framework, it’s a separate target from the main app, which can be built in either UIKit or SwiftUI.

Agreed that I’m not sure I can see Monzo spending the development effort, but I live in hope :smile:

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I like these, really neat!

Looking forward to something like this in the future (hopefully!) :calling:


I did think that both WidgekKit & the App had to be built in SwiftUI but I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Just fired up a new mixed Xcode 12 project and confirmed it’s possible for sure!

Only Widgets need to be in SwiftUI.

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Everyday is a school day :slight_smile:


To be fair even if the actual widget needs to be in Swift UI, it is still an absolute massive migration that I don’t think it really makes a difference.

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Also have to presume that Apple allow 3rd Party widgets, I’d imagine there would be concerns with battery life/security etc for the ones that appear on a home screen? That’s been the take over on reddit at least.

I have been using iOS 14 as well.

It would be nice for Monzo to do this. However, they still haven’t implemented dark mode (despite the new layout being so white it hurts your eyes and, presumably, fairly easy to invert) and that has been an iOS feature for nearly a year now - since the release of iOS 13. More if you count iOS 13 beta as time they could have been working on it!

I would personally rather dark mode than the new widget style, but it would be great to have both.


A widget for iOS 14 to show current balances and a watch app that can do the same in the complication are a huge draw for me.

Monzo is my main bank. And I’m a plus customer. And I want it to stay that way because I love the innovation they have brought so far.


Just going to leave a comment here to dig this post out of the grave in hopes of more votes :stuck_out_tongue: . The mock-ups look amazing!


Widgets would be amazing.

Personally I’d like to have 1 widget for each pot so that you can scroll through the balance of your pots on the Home Screen.

E.g. Main Account on top of joint account on top of savings, with each one showing the balance of each pot with the background image that was set for said pot.


Cool idea, though a “left to spend” widget would be useless for some people like me who can’t even use the “left to spend” feature in the app because I don’t get paid once a month.

What would you prefer instead of a left to spend tab? I only did it as its one of the main features of the banking screen when you open the app, but if you let me know what you’d find more useful I can put an idea together and add it to the thread.

That would be really good! So you could create a Monzo stack essentially?

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Thank you!! I plan on working on some more concepts when the post gains more traction and people throw in ideas on what they’d like to see!