Apple Unleashed Event

Apple glass. Their integrated tv thing

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I don’t think anything to do with AppleTV. Apple do not love the AppleTV enough to release anything new within a few years of the last AppleTV launch. It’s the ugly duckling of the Apple ecosystem.

I doubt anything iPhone related. Too early in the release cycle and the iPhone 13/Pro is still back ordered online. Its when sales start to dip they throw in the new Product Red colour etc.

I think this will be Mac/Macbook focused myself. There were rumours that a new Mac Mini Pro etc would be launched at the iPhone launch etc., so this is probably that announcement, possibly. Also possibly an announcement of a new M1X or M2 chip for Mac, hence the ‘unleashed’ name. Unleash the power of the new chip.

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Hopefully AirTag with family sharing comes!!!

Also I may trade in my M1 Mac Air for a Pro model

M1X Macbook Pro’s in 14" and 16"

That’s probably it (though it’s a huge announcement). Outside chance of updated Mac Mini

Hoping the rumours of spec-parity between 14" and 16" are true. I’ve been loving the smaller size of my M1 Air after 9yrs of 15" macbooks. 14" (in roughly the same body size as the old 13") with plenty of ooommph would have me reaching straight for my wallet.

I’ve not heard this rumoured, but Id like to see the U1 chips in the watch and HomePod mini do clever things with ultra accurate location awareness and lighting, music streaming, etc so that lights come on / turn off as you come and go.

That would be cool (I assume you mean a specific room’s lights turning on when you enter the room?)

No chance at this event though I’d imagine. That sort of thing would be in an iOS/WatchOS/HomePodOS update

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Interesting interview here. I think he’s too optimistic though. Apple Silicon feels like the long term endgame for Apple. Gives them full control over their entire ecosystem which is just what they want. They’d have to stumble pretty badly, and be significantly worse than the competitors for a reconsideration I think.

Also, really don’t like this guy. He’s all me and I’m and my as opposed to us, we, and, our. I really don’t like like leaders like that.


I think he was pretty spot on.

I agree that Apple are unlikely to switch back any time soon but what else was he supposed to say in terms of upping their game and providing compelling incentives?

At least he has the humility to admit they messed up and gave Apple a reason to move away in the first place.

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He could have simply stated they would up their game to compete with and produce better chips than Apple, rather than phrase the endeavour about winning them back.

Even if Intel succeed at making better chips, it doesn’t necessarily translate to winning Apple back. It’s foolishly optimistic to assume that would happen on that basis.

Because here’s the thing. Apple don’t need to have a better chip to provide an all round better package, when they control every single element of the package. Apple are in a much stronger position now than they were back when Intel’s ecyosystem would have been a boon for them. Even if Intel stays king, Apple doesn’t actually need it now mac can tap into the iOS ecosystem of applications and developers.


Me neither. Especially as he starts with, essentially, ‘I want to get even richer and I need taxpayer money to do that’. Shameless.

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I think I want an orange HomePod.

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U mean the Monzo-coloured HomePod?


Went for the 14"… feeling a little guilty as I’m really not sure I need it…


Things I didn’t expect today- a 10% price drop on the HomePod mini.


My mind is still frazzled trying to digest everything! I was not expecting pre orders to begin today at all, so I’m completely unprepared too.

Exactly this. Even if Qualcomm had say a 25% performance advantage, the iPhone would still use the A-series chips.

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Agreed. And I don’t think he’s assuming they would. But it should still be the aim to have chips that are so good that Apple would at least consider it (however likely / unlikely that is in reality).

If Intel’s goal isn’t to reclaim its performance crown then it’s probably time to just pack it in.

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Ok ok. I’ve ordered one. Now I’ll research. Make sure I’ve ordered the right one. Can always cancel!

Those were my thoughts too. I ordered as quickly as possible, and I’ll give it a bit of time to sink in and decide whether it’s a sensible decision.

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Yup, my thought process here too.

Would have been a much easier decision if not for this:

Does anyone else find the feet ugly and obtrusive on these models? Feels like they protrude quite far out in the images.