Apple October Event

It’s finally happening! I will definitely upgrade to the 12 Pro (Max?). I’m also hoping for a refreshed Apple TV 4K

Others on my wishlist but unlikely:

Apple Card in UK
Apple One launch that week/soon after

What are you hoping for/expect?


macOS bug sur release announcement. The first Apple silicon Mac. Hopes not expectations.


I am praying for an iPad Pro with some variant of the A14 in it.

I think I will be praying until March at the least unfortunately.

iPhone 12 Pro


I didn’t know Apple made all-terrain vehicles.


Can’t wait for Big Sur, I can update my hackintosh!

Probably iPhone 12

A bit on the nose that

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I don’t expect it but a new iPad mini would be nice

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Likewise, although I think we’re going to be waiting a while if the rumours around delays and stock are true :pensive:

Since the X I’ve been one of those people who sets their alarm and frantically refreshes the Apple Store app on preorder day to try and nab one from launch day stock

If I can’t get one for ages at least my wallet would thank me!

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@Ordog :eyes:

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They’ve got a lot lot better at handling demand or maybe they just make more stock.

But I remember the years where the website would just crash and it was pot luck pretty much.

I did that for the iPhone 5. While I was doing it I received an email from Apple inviting me to order one. After a short sweary outburst, I clicked the link in the email and got straight through.

Shortly afterwards I travelled to Spain, where it hadn’t been released, and became a minor celebrity in an Apple store where I was trying to by an accessory for it.

“You’ll have to wait until it’s released.”

“I’ve got one here.”



The website is for amateurs. The pros use the Apple Store app. You can always trust Apple to prioritise an app over the open web. :wink:

The real pros use the app with Apple Pay and have it set up to go in advance. You’re done in under 20 seconds.

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App has been my go-to for a few years now, a much quicker experience.

I wonder if mobile providers (I’m with EE) will offer Apple One as add ons? I’d be really interested if they do as I’m already getting Music via EE and I’ve seen them offering Arcade and News+ I think as bundles

That would be nice, however I do doubt that

Have to watch the stock levels at Bluewater, on the upgrade programme and that has to be done in store.

Max Pro for me this time

Same for me, but I hope they will allow online upgrades in the UK too finally. COVID should be enough to give them the push

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