Apple September 2019 Event

As seen again with this release phones don’t really get much better each time, main points are usually the camera and battery life, phones are basically bezel-less now so not much progress in form factor and innovations now are underscreen fingerprint sensors etc

With Manufactures getting better with software updates for older phones , there goes one of the main reasons to upgrade.

Camera quality, WhatsApp the main instant messenger compresses pics and vids so you lose those few marks over the last generation.

I think declining sales shows that phones are good enough and don’t need upgrading,

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Same here, never missed an upgrade until last year with the XS. Currently on the X and I will be skipping the 11 this year as the X just works so well. I think USB-C and 5G next year will be a good enough reason to upgrade.

The iPhone upgrade looks pretty neat but apart from the usual upgrades internally, it doesn’t seem like a decent enough upgrade to swap to the 11 Pro

Their night mode looks great but Pixel 3 seems to do a better job still. Might save up and get Pixel 4 or 5

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Well the ultra wide angle photos with the 11 and 11 Pro were enough to have me eat my own words. Shall be looking at their upgrade plans as they seem super reasonable! Also the titanium Apple Watch😍

Also really happy with the price of TV Plus, £5 for the whole family seems super reasonable especially for the level of content launching early!

Bit miffed iOS 13 wasn’t available immediately but can wait another week :sweat_smile:


Exactly the same here. :+1:

I like the new wide angle lens so I’m quite keen to get the wide angle lens and to introduce a pop of colour. My AppleCare is also running out so I think I’ll just bite the bullet and get an 11 - not going for the Pro as the base model has everything I need and with the smaller Pro breaking £1000 I just can’t justify it anymore

I missed it… I switched from Android to iPhone last year, due to privacy concerns (election rigging sculduggery), and I dev on macs. I tend to keep my phones for at least 3 years.

Phones have become utilities - about as exciting as washing machines and fridge freezers - little real difference between them. I have a decent camera that beats any phone camera. Apple watch is of interest - but I was hoping for a price reduction on 4…

5 is the same price point as 4, and introduces an always-on screen with the same battery as the 4… had they reduced the price of 4, fewer people would buy 5 as there is little difference in the spec. Shelving it makes sense…

Might be able to pick up a bargain 4…

Has anyone got a cellular watch and if so do you think it’s worth it given the extra cost of the watch and the extra eg £5 per month cost to your carrier? I have a Series 2 and looking to upgrade but I can’t make up my mind if cellular watch will actually be worth the extra cost. Help!!

I’m in the same boat :man_shrugging: I don’t know what to do either :rofl:

It’s tricky. I’m not convinced I’ll use it loads or if I do the novelty will wear off. However I like the fact it’s another advancement and it’s cool. Ugh I’m torn

And TV+ is free for a year if you purchase an iPhone (or some other devices).

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With the 4G watch it completely depends on your use case. I like to run and play sports where it can be impractical to take my XS Max. So knowing I can still be contacted during these events is good to know. You can also then stream music to Bluetooth headphones.

One thing I find quite interesting is mapping my position on a football field. I’m all over the place :joy:

So what did people order? I went with the 4G series 5 watch and the green 11 Pro. I’ve ordered the standard and the Max as I’m considering going to the standard model this year. The Max is a little frustrating at times with the size of it.

I have been on the fence for a while with an apple watch, it does have a list of practicle uses for me, so with the price drop went for a Series 3, cellular… well worth it with the reduction.

Also got a discount through work… bonus :rofl:

I ended up getting the new watch, I don’t currently have one either. I’m still going strong with my iPhone 7 and have yet to see any real reason to upgrade.