Apple’s Project Catalyst - what does it mean for Monzo?

Hi, :grin:

Project Catalyst was announced today at WWDC. In brief, developers will be able to convert iPad apps to Mac apps.

With that in mind would it make sense for Monzo to adapt its iOS app to be compatible with the iPad (and thus easily be able to create a Mac app)? Would you use it, would it make sense?

What are your thought? :slight_smile:


With monzo only allowing 1 login at the moment it won’t be much help though.

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Still the same app with half finished and broken things I reckon


Probably not a lot right now. Catalyst works best if you’re bringing an iPad app over to the mac, rather than an iPhone app.

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I would love multiple logins as I have 2 phones and often don’t carry both particular throughout the working day.

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