Apple Pay Call Verification

Not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere or I misunderstood, but when adding Monzo to Apple Pay there’s a verification option by telephone which I chose to use, however when dialling the number, the first recorded message said that ‘We are unable to activate Apple Pay over the phone’.

Should the option to verify over call be removed then?

Hey Ash,

Essentially what happens is that we require photographic identity verification through the in-app chat in order to approve the Apple Pay (or Google Pay) request. So when people call in about this, we direct them towards the in-app chat. I agree that this could perhaps be more clear but it may be out of our control.

We don’t control what verification methods are displayed there I’m afraid :disappointed: That’s why you see calling as an option, even though you can’t actually call us to verify your Apple Pay.


What I really want to know is why that option is the only option given for me, and many other people… it’s rather annoying, especially for those of us that don’t like pictures of ourselves. Why not allow SMS verification like every other bank? Why disable it for a few people?

We don’t control the verification options you are presented with, as far as I’m aware :slight_smile:

You mean it only gives you that option, rather than also allowing you go to to the app to approve it? That’s interesting. i just got a new Watch so had to verify all my cards on that, it was refreshing to have Monzo just let me tap in the app. (For the first time, my old, rarely used TSB card gave me an sms option too which it has never done in the past, I’ve always had to call them.)

These were the options. Just seems unusual to have call-to-verify there if it’s not actually available.

I think the problem is that Apple stipulate that phoning must be one of the options, but Monzo don’t have a method of verifying over the phone (or don’t believe it is secure enough) - so they send you to the in-app chat instead.

Had the same thing recently. Look at the top of your transaction feed for an orange “set up Apple Pay” button - it didn’t appear right away for me but if its there you can click that to complete the verification in-app instead.

Really should mirror the 3DS in-app approval process, spotting the button and realising what it does isn’t obvious

We are unable to remove the call us option from Apple Pay provisioning.

If they are available to you, please use the in-app options. Either by adding your card from the Monzo app, or by choosing the in-app verification option in Wallet.

If both in-app methods are not available to you, please chat to customer support using the chat option in the support tab of the app.

That’s all that can be said on this. :slightly_smiling_face: