Apple Pay verification

I’m new here, so forgive me if this has been covered recently. A search just now suggests it hasn’t…

@Monzo, please simplify the verification process for Apple Pay. Having to take a selfie is cumbersome. I wouldn’t expect you to be behind the curve as you are usually streets ahead. But compared to clunky NatWest, you are on this one.

Please use something simpler like text message verification!

Welcome on board!

Usually they do, but when their systems suspect something isn’t right (maybe someone else trying to add your card), this process kicks in.


This seems like a fairly common method nowadays. first direct use the same method as part of their dramatically over the top procedure.

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It asks for this every time without fail. They can’t suspect something is wrong every single time! (I have changed phones a couple of times and lost my card once…so have had to do this ‘often’!)

You adding it to the wallet or through the app?

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Through wallet

Know this was discussed on OG slack and if you add often Apple demand its defaulted to stricter verification or if you’re just unlucky Apple will decide to choose you. Sounds like you were unlucky but frequently adding has compounded that


Monzo have made the process in app very easy. You just click “Add to Apple pay”


Can you outline step by step how to do this in app? It just isn’t there

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